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Cooking for a Cause

Cooking for a Cause - Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry helps nations overcome hunger and poverty.

If you are already a pretty good cook, why not up your game and start cooking for a cause? Submit your family’s favorite recipe(s) below. For every usable recipe I receive, I will donate $5 to Food for the Hungry.

Feeding needy nations is a cause I really believe in. It saddens me to think that while we enjoy plenty of delicious food, there are nations with people suffering from hunger. Hunger. A basic human need. This is real, people. Let’s make a difference. Help me go beyond just cooking for our families. Let’s get cooking for a cause.

Please Note: Recipes will be published at my discretion. Recipes will be shared as part of this site’s content and will be accredited to you if you provide your name and website in the description field. Recipe bloggers encouraged to submit. Please include a crisp, well-styled and well-lit photo. We cannot publish recipes without a photo.

To make a direct donation, go here.


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