Cranberry Christmas Mimosa

Cranberry Christmas Mimosa

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This is a super simple way to make a very festive Christmas cranberry mimosa! A perfect cocktail for your holiday party!

It’s all about the garnish

This is a simple and super tasty little mimosa but really, let’s be honest, this drink is all about being cute and festive. You can’t go wrong with rosemary + cranberries for that wintery, holiday feel!

Add some holiday cheer by choosing some festive glassware.

This is a pilsner glass so it’s not actually proper for a mimosa but who care? It’s festive!

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Make this a mocktail!

Simply replace the champagne with a clear, bubbly soda like Sprite or ginger ale.

Need some more ideas to help celebrate the season?

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Happy holidays to you and yours!


  • 1. Make sure champagne and juice are chilled.
  • 2. Pour glass half full of champagne or sparkling wine then fill rest of the way with cranberry juice. Add a splash of grenadine to sweet as little or as much as you'd like!
  • 3. Float fresh cranberries on top and add a sprig of fresh rosemary for garnish.