Fruit and Cheese Kebabs

Fruit and Cheese Kebabs

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Here’s a fun alternative to fruit salad — fruit and cheese kebabs!

They are very festive and are great for kids’ parties. It’s an easy way for kiddos to grab a portion of fruit and cheese.

To make these fruit kebabs, I cut bamboo skewers in half with wire cutters. That seems to make the perfect sized portion of fruit and cheese. As a time-saver, you can get the cheese that comes in cubes.

These do take a little time to prep so be sure to leave yourself about 15 minutes to cut all the fruit (and cheese) and then push it onto the sticks to make the kebabs.

You can serve these fruit and cheese kebabs on a platter or a large plate. You can spread them out, fan them out, poke them into a pie of Styrofoam, or stack them.

Ideally, you’ll want to make these fruit and cheese kebabs right before your party guests arrive so the fruit is fresh. However, you can make these the night before. I’d just recommend spritzing the kebabs with some cold water and then sealing them in a large plastic bag or cover with plastic wrap to seal in the moisture. To prevent the fruit from browning, you can add a little bit of lemon juice to. your water before you spray the fruit. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you could use a basting brush.

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  • 1. Slice the apple and cheese.
  • 2. Skewer the ingredients, alternating fruits with cheese.
  • 3. Serve in a festive bowl or on a platter. No utensils required!