Mediterranean Turkey Casserole

Mediterranean Turkey Skillet

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I love the fresh, exotic taste of this Mediterranean turkey skillet dish. Using ground turkey makes it refreshingly healthy and it’s quick enough to make on a weeknight. This year I’m growing mint, parsley, chives, basil and thyme. I love growing herbs and finding new ways of using them. I came across this excellent recipe from My Hala Kitchen after doing a search for “turkey mint parsley” which is what I had on hand. I was pretty excited when the dish ended up tasting so good and the hubs and kids actually liked it too. I was able to put a little spin on it, borrowing some flavors from other recipes I’ve tried, by adding lime juice and feta cheese. Since not all recipes I try are good, I was glad this one was a success so I can now add it to the dinner line up. I’m really trying to branch out here and this was a good step in a new flavor direction!Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

If you don’t already own one, a cast iron skillet is great for this type of dish. The cast iron help hold in heat so your potatoes will cook more evenly and will get a bit more flavor than using a nonstick skillet. They even come preseason and with free shipping (important because they are heavy!)

Tip: If using a cast iron skillet, you may want to add butter as needed. The turkey is low on fat so you won’t get that natural nonstick barrier like you would with beef. You may even want to consider going half turkey and half beef for this reason or for a different flavor.


  • 1. Boil potatoes until soft then transfer to heated skillet with 1 tbsp oil and cook over medium/high heat until golden brown.
  • 2. In another skillet, sauté onion and garlic in remaining oil over medium/low heat until softened. Stir in diced tomatoes. Add ground turkey, breaking up into small pieces. Cook turkey until slightly browned. Stir in paprika, salt, pepper and lime juice.
  • 3. Gently fold in crisped potatoes, mint and parsley. Serve topped with crumbled feta cheese.