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How to Turn Your Basement into Usable Space

basement studio 1

So excited! My little basement studio space is finally looking less basementy. If my basement can become usable space, so can yours! Read, look at the photos and feel inspired. 😉

So, after vacuuming up decades worth of dirt, dust, spiders, and rusty nails, we were finally able to seal the walls and give them a fresh coat of paint. The walls are mostly done now aside from a few touch ups and the floor, stairs and doors have been freshly painted. I gave the ugly old cabinets a few coast of paint and found some baskets at Michael’s that fit perfectly on top. Right now I’m keeping fabric swatches and placemats in one and some pie pans and other larger casserole dishes in the other.

basement studio 3
My tiny props are now displayed on the old canning shelves which is great because then I can quickly see what I have so I can decide what I want to use without digging through bags of stuff.

basement studio 4
I’ve got some miscellaneous lights there in the corner. I also have a window but chances are I won’t be getting any natural light when I’m shooting because it will be late in the evening and things are getting dark earlier and earlier. So, I’m going to see how the few lights do. I’m hoping they are bright enough. I have my surfaces in the corner between the old cabinets and the wall. I’m not sure what I’m going to put in the other corner. I kinda want to put a little couch down there to make it more cozy but the practical side of me thinks I might put some more shelving. Since we took up a good chunk of the basement with my new studio space, I think we might need that corner for storage. We’ll see.

basement studio 2
So, as you can see, I’m working with what I have. A really old, ugly basement. So if you’re sitting around dreaming of a bigger, better house—don’t. Use what you have and see what you can do to spruce it up!

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