Creamed Roast Beef with  Yorkshire Pudding

Here's something new to try for dinner that's easy to make too! Creamed Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding! Homemade doughy cups are filled with roast beef chips in a creamy white horseradish sauce. Ready in just 30 minutes!



Butter Eggs Milk Flour Salt  Cayenne Pepper

Smith's Roast Beef Fresh Parsley Black Pepper Horseradish

Make the yorkshire pudding batter according to instructions.  Place 2 TBSP of butter in each well of a muffin tin and bake at 450°F until the butter melts. 

Carefully spoon batter into each cup, about 3/4 full. Don't overfill.  Bake the Yorkshire pudding for about 20-25 minutes or until cups are puffed and golden brown. 

While the Yorkshire pudding is baking, prepare the creamed roast beef. Make a roux. Whisk in the horseradish and bring to a boil. Add the chopped roast beef.

Carefully remove baked puddings from the muffin tin. Spoon creamed roast beef over top. Top with chopped fresh parsley and pepper. Serve immediately!

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