After shopping for a tabletop fire pit and not finding anything less than $75, I decided to make my own! I was able to make one easily for about $10 plus fuel.

Fire-Resistant Container Fire-Safe Rocks Fuel


Decide how you are planning to use your fire pit. Is it just for outdoor ambiance and heat in your outdoor space? Or is it for roasting marshmallows?


• Sterno S'more's Heat for s’more roasting.   • Tiki torch fuel or fire gel produces for a nice flame. • Ethanol or alcohol-based fuel if you plan to use your fire pit for ambiance as well as food.


First, take your container and line it with a single layer of rocks.  Try to keep it as level as possible since your fuel can will rest on top of this layer.


Add your fuel canister, centering it in your container. Remove or at least loosen the lid.  Once the fuel canister is in place, fill in around the sides and top with remaining rocks

That’s it! Your tabletop fire pit is now ready for use. Go ahead, light it up and enjoy your new indoor or outdoor fire feature.

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