Easy Piñata Cake

This homemade piñata cake is the  ultimate birthday cake that's surprisingly easy to make using cake mix  and store-bought frosting to save time. Fill with confetti sprinkles and  top with a mini piñata!


2 Boxes Of Yellow Cake Mix Vegetable Oil Water Eggs Rainbow Sprinkles Vanilla Buttercream Frosting DECORATIONS Pink Vanilla Frosting Orange Vanilla Frosting Mini Piñata Cake Topper 

Grease and line cake pans. Blend cake mix, water, oil and eggs to form batter. Pour batter into cake pans and bake. Let the cake layers cool in pans then move them to a wire rack to cool.


Cut away tops of cakes to flatten. Cut a circle into the center of 3 cake layers (leave 1 whole). Place one layer of cake on cake stand and frost the top.

Add another cut-out cake then frost. Add third  cut-out cake then frost. Frost sides of the hole. Pour sprinkles into the hole. Place final uncut cake layer on top.

Frost top and sides of the cake. Pipe decorations and top with mini piñata decoration.

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