Grilled Beef Kofta Kebabs

Seasoned and grilled ground beef kebabs  are served with charred tomatoes and onions on Greek pitas topped with tzatziki sauce. Grilled Beef Kofta Kebabs are a super easy and delicious dinner that's  ready in 30 minutes!

Ground Beef | Eggs Garlic Powder | Onion Powder Cumin | Oregano | Sumac Cinnamon | Parsley | Onions Grape Tomatoes | Greek Pitas Mixed Greens | Tzatziki Dip Basmati Rice | Hummus


Combine beef with eggs and spices. Take about 3 tablespoons of beef mixture and wrap it around 20 skewers. Prepare 10 skewers, alternating grape tomato and onion wedges.


Add beef and vegetable skewers to a lightly greased grill. Cover and cook for 4 minutes. Uncover and slowly flip each beef stick and vegetable stick.

Plate beef skewers and vegetables along with a dollop of tzatziki sauce,  and mixed greens. Offer hummus and rice if desired.

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