Lime-Cooked Shrimp Ceviche

This exotic dish often served at restaurants in Mexico or Peru, is easy to make at home using  top-quality shrimp, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeño, spices, and raw shrimp that is "cooked" using  lime juice.


Raw Shrimp  Jalapeño Red Onion  Tomatoes Fresh Cilantro  Sea Salt Black Pepper Ground Cumin  Lime Juice

Dice tomato, onion, and jalapeño. Combine with chopped mint and cumin. Add lime juice, making sure there are no seeds.


Chop raw shrimp and immediately add to lime and vegetables. Toss to completely coat the shrimp. Cover with plastic wrap and chill.

The shrimp needs to marinate in lime juice for at least 30 minutes or until it turns opaque, pink and plumps up.

Serve on its own or with crispy tortilla chips, crackers, or toasted bread.

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