Pulled Pork

These slow cooker pulled pork sliders taste amazing topped with a light and tangy slaw plus fresh avocado slices. A great little appetizer that eats like a meal!


Hawaiian Rolls (Original Sweet) Pulled Pork In BBQ Sauce Avocado Broccoli Slaw Mix Vidalia Onion White Vinegar Sugar Salt And Pepper

The secret? Starting with fresh or re-heated cooked BBQ Pulled pork.  You can make your own pulled pork in the crockpot using my lazy pulled pork recipe. Or, you can find cooked pulled pork in the meat section of the grocery store.

The slaw brings a crunchy texture with a hint of creaminess and spice from the sweet onions. Process all the fresh ingredients for the broccoli slaw in the food processor and then fold in the dressing ingredients. 

Open each Hawaiian roll. Add about 2 heaping tbsp of pulled pork to each roll.


Top pork with broccoli slaw and fresh avocado slices then serve!


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