Loaded  Cheeseburger Fries

Quick & Easy

What tastes like a burgers-and-fries lunch, eats like a restaurant meal, yet is shareable like an appetizer? These Quick and Easy Loaded Cheeseburger Fries! You are going to L-O-V-E this recipe.

French Fried Potatoes Ground Beef | Chicago Steak  Nacho Cheese |  Grape Tomatoes Pickle Slices | Shredded Lettuce  Sliced Red Onion


Preheat oven to 425°.  Bake according to the instructions. Cook ground beef in a skillet adding seasoning. 

When fries are done, Add cooked ground beef. Drizzle fries and beef with nacho cheese sauce then layer on shredded lettuce, halved grape tomatoes, red onion slices, and pickles. Add Condiments.

Since we’ve got a complete trifecta of meat, veggies, and a starch — these loaded fries are a meal in itself, not just a side dish. So you can absolutely serve this recipe as dinner or as a hearty appetizer. 

Enjoy these loaded fries as an appetizer, snack or dinner.

"It’s a perfect dish for family game nights, sports watching, and movie nights or as an after-school snack."

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