Maryland crab cake recipe made with saltines, no bread crumbs or excess filler, jumbo lump blue crab crab meat and Old Bay seasoning. Simple yet authentic recipe.

Fresh Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Meat Worcestershire Sauce  Egg Yolks | Salt Old Bay Seasoning Ground Mustard  Saltine Crackers Mayonnaise | Lemon  Butter


Mix all ingredients except butter together in a bowl. Then form into 4 individual patties, tightly packed and pressed flat.


Lightly brown on each side in a buttered pan over medium heat. Serve hot on a bun with arugula or butter lettuce.

When making crab cakes,  you are starting with crab meat that is already cooked. You want to cook your crab cakes just enough to form the patty and heat it through so you can enjoy it hot.

Lemon and seafood go hand in hand and when it comes to crab, this is no exception. A lemon is a must!

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