Agua Fresca Drink Station 

(4 Recipes)

Try setting up an Agua Fresca Drink Station for your next party! These 4 easy recipes will delight your guests and can be turned into a bar by adding alcohol options for  spiking and making individual cocktails.

COCONUT LIME Limeade | Coconut Creme | Lime STRAWBERRY BASIL Strawberry Juice | Basil Leaves  Strawberry Slices LAVENDER LEMONADE Lemonade | Fresh Lavender  Lemon PINEAPPLE-ORANGE BERRY Pineapple-Orange Juice Blackberries


Add ingredients to  4 different carafes for each flavor. Place cap on carafe and gently turn upside down twice to mix ingredients. Serve immediately.


For the coconut lime flavor, you may want to use an electric emulsifier to get the coconut cream to blend with the limeade.

For the pineapple-orange berry flavor, you can muddle most of your blackberries  to help them release their juice. Reserve a few whole blackberries for garnish.

To boost the flavor of any of these add more citrus. Pour into cups filled with ice to serve.

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