Bowtie Pasta

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Chicken Bacon Ranch Bow Tie Pasta. This trifecta is well known to be a deliciously satisfying oven-baked casserole. Plus, it's easy to make. Lots of wins in one dish.

Bacon | Bow Tie Pasta Rotisserie Chicken Butter | Flour | Milk Ranch Seasoning Mix Salt | Pepper


Cook bacon in the oven at 350° for 18-22 minutes. Remove, pat excess grease, then chop. 

Prepare the pasta according to the package.  In a pot, melt butter, then whisk in flour. Let bubble for 1 minute, then whisk in milk and ranch seasoning packet. Return to boil and stir until thickened. Reduce heat to low. 

Stir in bowtie pasta, shredded chicken, and chopped bacon.  Season with salt and pepper.  Let simmer for 5 minutes or until chicken is warmed. Top with remaining bacon and serve hot. 

You could serve this casserole with a side of roasted veggies. I love oven roasted brussels sprouts or peas with this dish. You could also serve this pasta with a side salad.

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