Whipped Coffee 


Dalgona whipped coffee is not new but it seems to have newly arrived to the United States and is arguably the trendiest beverage of the quarantine.

Instant Coffee Sugar Hot Water Milk Ice Cubes


Fill a 2 cup mason jar with ice cubes. Add milk. In a medium sized bowl, whip instant coffee, sugar and hot water together until it's thick and frothy. You will need to whip for about 2-3 minutes to form stiff peaks.

Spoon whipped coffee on top of the iced milk and serve with a straw. Stir to combine layers and enjoy!

Whipped coffee’s roots can be traced back to either India and Korea. From what I can gather, this beverage was recently made popular via a Korean TV show and then went viral on TikTok.

"It’s a lot like cold brew coffee. It’s rich, semi-sweet, and chilled (usually). But there is a distinct flavor of instant coffee."



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