Host a Halloween Cupcake Bar

A Halloween cupcake bar is something you can totally pull off with minimal effort. I promise! I’ve got all the things to help you make this happen, including a totally free printable you can use to label your  zombie toes and such.

Frosted Cupcakes Candy Corn Gummy Worms  Green Jelly Beans Chocolate Chips Candy Eyeballs Lollipop Sticks Halloween Printable Paper Cups Or Small Bowls Tape


Print the labels in color and trim out each one. Tape each label to a lollipop stick.


Fill paper cups or bowls with the different toppings. Place a label in each cup, pressing it down to the bottom so the toppings hold it upright.

Arrange cupcakes on a tray and set out toppings. Have kids line up and decorate one cupcake at a time using whatever toppings they want.

That’s it! This is truly a pretty easy Halloween party idea, no cooking involved unless you want to.



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