Mango Curried Chicken Salad

A delicious, easy mango curried chicken salad you can make in 10 mins with just 7 ingredients.  Made with rotisserie chicken and cashews. Amazing flavor!

Rotisserie Chicken  Honey Mustard Mayonnaise Mango Curry Powder Celery Cashews Leafy Greens Bagels or Croissants


Shred rotisserie chicken  and place in a large bowl.  Optional: add some of the chicken juices if desired.


Chop celery, cashews and fresh or dried mango and add to bowl. Stir in mayonnaise and honey mustard.

Toast your bagels. Choose a seasoned bagel if you want some extra flavor. This curried chicken salad is also delicious on croissants or in a wrap!

Spoon chicken salad onto bottom half of each bagel or croissant, layer with leafy greens then top with other  half to make a sandwich. Enjoy!

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