Mason Jar Blender Smoothies

Did you know you can screw a Mason jar right onto an Oster blender base?! How perfect for making smoothies on the go! Try this strawberry banana smoothie recipe for a healthy and quick breakfast.

Banana  Frozen Strawberries Greek Yogurt Cranberry Juice Agave Nectar or Honey


Fill a regular-mouth mason jar with frozen strawberries, banana, Greek yogurt, agave nectar, and juice. Remove the base of your blender's pitcher that holds the blade.


Screw the base and blade, onto the top of your Mason jar. If it comes apart in pieces like mine, place the blade on top of the jar first then screw on the outer ring. Make sure the rubber ring is in place.

Unscrew the blade top from the mason jar when done. Screw on your reCap lid and you're ready to roll.

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