The warm mild sweet and saltiness of the sweet potatoes combined with cool fresh, flavorful Mexican-inspired toppings are like a party in your mouth.





45 minutes



Sweet Potatoes Olive Oil Black Beans Sweet Corn  Serrano Pepper Diced Tomatoes Red Onion Lime Fresh Cilantro


Slice the sweet potatoes. 


Bake fries at 425˚ for 18-22 minutes. 

Mix black beans, corn, serrano pepper, tomatoes, red onion, & lime juice.

 Top  fries with black bean and corn mixture, garnish with fresh cilantro and the dig in!

How to get crispy bottoms on your baked fries.


– Place cream cheese in a mixing bowl, add instant pudding mix and milk then blend with a hand mixer until smooth. Stir in Cool Whip and place dirt mixture in fridge until ready to assemble. – 2.Place Oreos into a plastic bag and lightly roll with a rolling pin until the cookies crumble and you can't see the white cream anymore and it begins to actually look like dirt. – 3.Assemble in layers. Oreo "dirt" crumbles on the very bottom, then cream cheese mixture, alternating until the last layer of Oreos is on top. – 4.Refrigerate until served. Add worms or other decorations to your dirt dessert right before serving!How to Make Oreo Dirt DessertPlay Video – Servings : 8-10 – Ready in : 15 Minutes – Course : Desserts – Recipe Type : Kid-Friendly, Party Recipes, Vegetarian –  RECIPE RATING –  – (4.5 /5) – (6 Rating) 📷 HI, WELCOME! 📷 I'm Angela, a busy mom/business owner who formerly stressed about dinner every night. I learned to cook healthier homemade meals one recipe at a time and now actually look forward to cooking dinner, bringing a side dish, or making a treat to celebrate a special occasion. Here you'll find all my favorite recipes along with some tools that will help get you organized, save money, and encourage you to be more creative and relaxed so you can have more fun cooking! Check out my shop too. It's a small collection of my favorite Amazon finds. Learn more about me and this blog MOST POPULAR RECIPES – 📷Easy Cinnamon Roll Casserole – 📷Easy Milk and Honey... – 📷Camping Sangria – 📷Easy Vegetable Lasagna with... – 📷Giant Twinkie Bundt Cake

Put them on a wire baking rack, placed on top of a cookie sheet. This will help the bottom of the fries from sticking

Try cooking frozen sweet potato fries in a cast iron skillet.

If using frozen sweet potato fries, try cooking them with a cast iron skillet. You’ll get a nice crispy on the outside

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