with Kielbasa,  Peppers and Onions


This delicious sheet pan dinner idea is made with pierogies, kielbasa, bell peppers and red onions then finished off with chives. Everything bakes together for a quick and easy weeknight meal!

Spinach | Cream Cheese Mayonnaise | Sour Cream Parmesan Cheese Artichoke Hearts | Garlic Powder  Tortilla Chips (For Dipping)


Frozen Pierogies Bell Peppers Onions Kielbasa Bites Butter Chives

Seed and chop bell peppers. Peel and slice red onion. Coat a baking sheet with a thick layer of butter or oil. Spread evenly.

Add peppers, onions, pierogies and kielbasa bites (or sliced coins) to baking sheet. Spread out evenly.

Bake at 425˚for 20-25 minutes.   Half way through, give everything a stir and flip the perogies to more evenly cook everything

Remove from baking sheet using a spatula and serve warm, topped with fresh or dried chives.


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