Simple Seared Salmon

This easy pan-seared salmon recipe is made using a cast iron skillet. Seasoned with lemons and capers in a butter sauce. Ready in 15 minutes!

Salmon Fillets Olive Oil Butter  Fresh Thyme Garlic Capers Lemon  Salt and Pepper


Pat salmon fillets dry with a paper towel and season with salt and black pepper. Add oil to a cast iron skillet. When a drop of water sizzles, oil is ready. Add the salmon fillets skin side down.


Sear salmon until skin releases from the pan. It will release easily when ready to flip. Flip salmon then add butter, thyme, garlic, capers and lemon juice.

Cook salmon until temperature reaches 125-145° in the thickest part. While salmon sears on the second side, baste the skin side with butter from the pan.

Using a spoon, scoop capers and butter sauce from pan and add to the top of the salmon before serving.

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