Smoked Rosemary Blackberry Whiskey Sour

This Smoked Rosemary and Blackberry Whiskey Sour cocktail is a showstopper! It looks, smells and tastes amazing. And it's actually very easy to make.

Whiskey Simple Syrup Blackberries Lemon Juice Sprig Of Fresh Rosemary


Cocktail shaker and muddler set - You can use a glass and a fork to press the blackberries, too. • Strainer – A small-screened strainer or sieve. • Culinary torch – You can use matches or a lighter too!


Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice. Place blackberries into a cocktail shaker and press using a muddler to release their juice.


Add whiskey, simple syrup and lemon juice then cap and shake. Strain into the rocks glass. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and torch the end of the rosemary just before serving.

You are going to love the refreshing tastes this cocktail offers and how fun it is to make and serve.


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