Pork-Topped Cornbread Pie

Southern Barbecue

This barbecue ground pork dinner is a southern-inspired dish that makes for a quick and delicious weeknight dinner.

Ground Pork Barbecue Sauce CORNBREAD Cornbread Mix | Eggs  Milk | Honey Creamed Corn | Green Chilies Sour Cream  | Butter


Mix ingredients for cornbread in a bowl until just blended. Smear cast iron skillet with a thick layer of softened butter. Bake at 400˚ for about 20 minutes or until just set in the middle. 

Brown pork in a large skillet or pot and over medium heat, stirring until pork is cooked through. Add all remaining ingredients and simmer for about 5 minutes to form the sauce.

Cut a slice of the corn bread and top with barbecue pork to serve.

"Comes together quickly and was absolutely delicious!"


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