Greek Turkey Burgers

Move beyond the basic burger and try these amazing Greek Turkey Burgers! Seasoned ground turkey patties are grilled then topped with homemade Tzatziki sauce and veggies all layered inside a toasted sesame-seed bun.


Ground Turkey | Garlic Paste Red Onion | Fresh Dill Dried Oregano | Olive Oil YOGURT SAUCE Plain Greek Yogurt Mayonnaise | Garlic Paste Fresh Dill | Lemon FOR SERVING Sesame Seed Buns Bibb Lettuce | Red Onion Heirloom Tomato

In a small bowl combine all of the yogurt sauce ingredients. Cover and place in the fridge to marinade while you make your burgers.


Combine all burger  ingredients except for olive oil and egg. In a separate bowl whisk the  egg, then add to the meat mixture.

Form meat mixture into 4 burgers. Cook burgers for 5-7 minutes on each side, then toast the buns until they are golden brown.

Add a light portion of yogurt sauce to the bottom bun, next add burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and more yogurt sauce. Top with top bun and serve!

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