Homemade Butter and Cultured Buttermilk

Ever wondered how to make homemade butter or buttermilk? Here's a tutorial for how to make both. Elevate  your cooking with these two homemade ingredients.

• Heavy Cream • Salt • Culture Starters or Non-flavored Kefir (For Buttermilk)


Pour heavy cream into a food processor, blender, or butter churn. Blend until the fat separates from the liquid milk. Next, drain the milk into a mason jar. If using pasteurized heavy cream, add starter cultures to sour the milk. This is your buttermilk!


Once you've drained all the milk, you'll want to rinse the fat to flush any extra hidden milk from it. This prevents  the butter from being too watery and as well as from spoiling quickly.

The easiest way to rinse the butter is to add a cup of very cold water and blend. Then pour off the watery milk. Repeat until the water runs clear.

Take the chunk of butter and wrap it in cheese cloth. Knead the butter to get out the remaining liquid. Stir or knead in salt to taste and that's it! 

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