Strawberry Cream Jello Dessert

This vintage Jello mold dessert, made  in a bundt pan, is so eye catching and yummy too! Made with fresh strawberries, Jello, Cool Whip, and cream cheese (optional) Super easy. Just 5 ingredients!

Strawberry Jello Boiling Water Cold Water Fresh Strawberries Cool Whip Whipped Cream Cheese


Dissolve the strawberry jello in boiling water, then add the cold water. Add sliced strawberries to your mold, and cover with the jello mixture. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.


Place the the remaining gelatin in the fridge to thicken. Beat Cool Whip with the whipped cream cheese then add the thickened gelatin, blending well.

Pour cream cheese and Jello mixture on top of the chilled and firm layer of jello. Then replace in the fridge and chill for an additional 4 or more hours before serving.

Before serving, invert onto a serving platter. This vintage Jello dessert is so eye catching and yummy too!

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