Swedish lingonberry crepes

If you love iHop's Swedish Crepes,  you'll love this homemade crepe recipe. Top with Lingonberry jam, butter and powdered sugar. Delicious and easy!

Flour | Milk | Eggs | Beer Sugar | Salt  Butter For Greasing Pan TOPPINGS Butter | Lingonberry Jam Powdered Sugar (optional)


Mix ingredients in a bowl using a hand mixer or whisk to eliminate lumps. Pour about ¾ cup batter into the center of a generously buttered, pre-heated, flat, round skillet over medium heat.


There should be just enough batter to cover the entire pan in a thin layer.  Cook 2-3 mins or until crepe is completely dry on top then flip.

To flip, loosen first by giving the pan a shake to free the crepe from the pan, then slide it off the edge onto a spatula and then flip to cook the other side. Heat for an additional 30 seconds then slide the crepe onto a plate and fold in half then in half again.

Top with whipped butter, lingonberry jam and a sprinkle of powdered sugar  if desired.

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