Thai Chicken Spring Rolls

These fresh Thai chicken spring rolls are an easy, healthy dinner or lunch made with coleslaw, red pepper, and cashew  sweet chili sauce.

Cooked Chicken Breast Strips Sweet Chili Sauce Cashew Butter Fresh Cilantro Roasted Red Pepper Lime Juice Coleslaw Mix Spring Roll Rice Wrappers Soy Sauce


Start with a flat, round sheet of rice paper. Add your ingredients in the shape and size you want your rolls to be, towards the bottom of the  rice wrapper.


Then, fold in the right and left sides over top of the filling to create the length you want for your spring roll. Then from the bottom moving up, fold the wrapper over the filling and roll to close.

You don’t want to roll too tightly or the filling will bulge out, making a lumpy looking roll. However, you don’t want to roll so loosely that the rolls fall apart.  The rice paper is sticky so you shouldn’t need anything to seal the roll, just place them seam-side down.

Once assembled, you can pick a roll up with your hands, no utensils needed, and dip one end in soy sauce.

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