Pumpkin Dip


You’re going to love how easy this whipped pumpkin dip is to make. It’s a fun and easy after school snack or serve it as an appetizer at a fall get together.

Cool Whip Pumpkin Puree Vanilla Pudding Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Wafers,  Sliced Apples, or  Graham Crackers


Mix together pumpkin, vanilla pudding (just the powder) and spices. 

Fold in whipped cream and serve with your choice of cookie and/or apples to dip.

Try it with granola bars, or ginger snaps for a fun and festive flavor!

"It’s creamy and delicious! And addicting! It’s not overly sweet, it’s got just the right amount of spice that is mellowed by the cool whip and pudding."


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