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How to Burn Grilled Cheese

"I Keep Burning Grilled Cheese" - a short story about getting past your own imperfections and moving on with a smile and grace | The Mighty Mrs.

Burning Grilled Cheese Mid-Salvage

This, is what you won’t see on Pinterest with the caption “How to keep burning grilled cheese.” You also won’t see those paper plates in any of my recipe photos. However, you should know that both of these things occur regularly at my house. The paper plates a little more so.

I’m not perfect. I burn grilled cheese. Still. I get distracted, don’t set the heat quite right, don’t quite butter the bread enough. Whatever. It happens.

Also, I don’t like doing dishes. I’d rather hang out with my kids, take my daughter down to the creek to look for lizards for the 4th time this week (and it’s only Tuesday), find my son who likes to silently hide around the house in various places, snuggle next to my hubby on the couch to watch our favorite show (Walking Dead coming soon!!!!) and so on. Call me lazy. Call me an un-environmentalist. Call me whatever. I am going to continue to use paper plates on the reg because it buys me just a little bit more time to do what I love and really be with my family.

So back to the grilled cheese. When I flipped it over for the first time, only to reveal an extra crispy blackened slice of bread, I thought to my self “Really, Angela? You have a recipe blog and you keep burning grilled cheese?” Yes. Yes I do. But you know what I thought next right after I fought back the urge to violently throw it into the trash? I thought, “Now wait just a minute here. Just one side of this grilled cheese sandwich is burnt. This thing is still salvageable. No one will ever know if I just peel that old charred piece of oatmeal bread off and replace it with a little extra cheese and a fresh slice a bread…” (That was meant to be read in Hershel from the Walking Dead’s voice) So that’s what I did. I ungracefully peeled off the burnt piece of bread and slapped on a new one with some cheese for glue. No one was the wiser and I didn’t have to hide the burnt side by putting the perfectly tanned side up only to have my kids point out that the bottom is burnt while my husband nervously shifts in his chair waiting for me to react. Nope. I just did a little damage control and moved on.

Life is a little bit like a half-burnt grilled cheese sandwich, don’t ya think? By the way oatmeal bread + shredded cheddar cheese = best grilled cheese sandwich in the history of grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

I love you, SO much for posting this haha.

Angela G.

Thursday 4th of September 2014

I knew you'd appreciate this considering I'm pretty sure you've been around for a least one or more similar moments at my house. =)


Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

I absolutely love this. This is the kind of practical advice we could all use (and I know I will). Awesome!


Angela G.

Thursday 4th of September 2014

Thank you, Doug! I'm so glad you got something out of my mighty mishap. You were spot on with recommending this type of post. I will definitely be capturing more of these moment as I am sure there will be many to come. =P