• Candy Apple Kit

Candy Apple Kit Tips

We’re keeping it old school here today with these glossy candy apples! Not only are they pretty, they’re pretty delicious.

The candy apple kits at the grocery store were calling our name and my kids convinced me that we needed to give them a try. If you’re thinking about making candy apples too, let me give you a few tips for success.

How do you make candy apple at home?

The simplest way to make candy apples at home is with a kit. It comes with everything you need other than the apples however the instructions can be a little hard to follow. We used a Concord Foods kit and if you follow the instructions, you might end up with the same problem we did.

Our first attempt was a fail. So, I want to save you some trouble here.

We found that the liquid candy does not need to get all the way to 302 degrees per the package instructions. I wasn’t about to get the candy to that temperature without burning it.

So the second time around making these, when the liquid candy coating had been boiling awhile, I noticed it started to smell different at around 250 degrees—it smelled like it was about to burn. Remembering the smell from the first failed attempt, I shut the heat off and quickly dipped the apples. They came out perfect. The candy hardened just it like was supposed.

Other than the temperature issue, the Concord Food candy apple kit was great. The apples were super easy to make, they tasted great and they looked amazing!

One last tip I’ll give you is that I noticed you have to dip the apples right away. The candy cools quickly and if you are too slow you can end up with bubbles. So to get bubble-free candy apples, you gotta be quick! And careful not to burn yourself. 😉

What is the best apple for candy apples?

You can use red, green or even yellow apples. However, I personally really like green apples because of how their sour flavor contrasts with the sweet candy coating. The skin is also pretty thick so it can withstand the heat of the melted candy against it pretty well.

So, here’s everything you need:

These candy apple kit tips were featured on Wine’d Down Wednesday.


  • 1. Thoroughly wash your apples. Insert sticks into apples.
  • 2. Prepare candy coating per the packaging instructions except two things—use medium heat and slowly increase the heat after boiling for about 10 minutes, using a candy thermometer to check the temperature. When the temperature reaches around 250, remove from heat and immediate dip the apples to coat.
  • 3. Place dipped apples on wax paper or a silicon baking sheet to cool and set. They are ready to eat in about 5 minutes!