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Halloween Cupcake Bar Printable

Host a Halloween Cupcake Bar

This is a guest post contributed by the lovely Michelle McVittie of Mom the Manager!

Michelle has generously contributed this Halloween themed printable from her Etsy shop for FREE. These labels would be perfect for a cupcake decorating party! Michelle offers up some great advice for incorporating your kids at the party planning stage and how to set them (and yourself) up for success while they help prep for their party. My kids and I actually tested these out and have some tips for how to use this printable (we stuck them onto lollipop sticks) as well as some other tips for setting up your cupcake bar. Visit the Halloween Cupcake Bar recipe page here. -Angela

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen!

Children want more time with you.  They crave it.  So why not have them help out and learn new skills in the process?

Mom the Manager, Michelle McVittieI know what you are thinking, kids in the kitchen means:

  • More time
  • A big mess
  • Arguing

You are right; this could be the case, but what if it’s not?  Start with something simple, include them in the planning. A party or play date can be the first step. Children love to be heard. So listen to them. Sit down and talk about the possibility of a party or play date. Ask them what types of snacks they’d like to have. Listen to all the ideas, write them down. They may come up with some good ones and some that won’t be possible. When you respond with a no or explain why that’s not possible, they may shut down or act out because you aren’t hearing them. Compromise is about both parties being heard and choosing the plan that will work for both of you.

Use these Halloween printable food labels as a starting off point. Would they like to have a cupcake decorating party? Or maybe a popcorn bar and they can add their own toppings to the container of popcorn?

Download the printable food labels and talk about what you could possibly use for spider eggs. Skittles, gumballs, M&M’s?

When you give them choices, you are in control, but you are giving them an opportunity to be part of the decision making. Be sure you are okay with the choices, so you are setting everyone up for success.

Talk about all the options and then choose a few together. When it’s finally time to get in the kitchen, your children will be excited to help and be part of the celebration. Try to prepare what you can ahead of time. What can each child do? Expect messes and a slower pace, so give yourself extra time. Remember they don’t make mistakes to make you upset, they really want to do well. Depending on age, maturity and ability this may be harder for some than others. Give jobs to the children that they can handle. You may have to do a few things together first and then let them try it. It may not be perfect. Focus on the effort, not the end result. Remember to have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff. Collect memories, your children will cherish these times with you forever.

Ready to get started?!

Free Halloween Printable - Cupcake Bar

Download the printable labels [PDF]

How to set up your Halloween cupcake bar


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