• Jello Fish Bowls Dessert

Mini Jello Fish Bowls

Here’s a fun edible craft idea for a rainy day or for when you kiddos have run out of things to do over the summer—make an edible fish bowl using Jello, gummy fish (or sharks) and Nerds. These also make a cute dessert for an ocean themed birthday party or a baby shower.

We made these as something to do on a rainy day. My kiddos (7 & 9) were old enough to pull off crafting these fish bowl themselves, with just a little guidance. I helped them assemble the materials, went over the instructions and made sure they had a way to heat up the water without touching a hot surface. I had them use our glass measuring cup with a handle so they could easily measure and heat all in one. Then they used a oven mitt to lift and carefully pour. If you have young kids, maybe you’d want to do this part. I’ll leave that up to you. 😉

So, let’s talk about the fish “bowl.” Rather than go out and buy an actual mini fish bowl for this project, see if you can find something you already have that’s glass. We had some short juice glasses that worked just fine. If all you have is a tall glass, then you can go for a “deep sea” look. Get creative! I’m just not big on crafts that require you to go out and buy a bunch of one-time-use materials. So, see if you can use what you got and make it work.

Now, if you’re making these for a kid’s shark-themed birthday party or a baby shower, then maybe you’d splurge and get mini fish bowls. In that case these could serve as a decoration as well as dessert so it might be worth the expense. You can find little fish bowls pretty cheap on Amazon. (Shop mini fish bowls here). You could also use stemless wine glasses or clear plastic cups.

Keep in mind you may need to use a larger amount of blue jello and Nerds depending on the size container you use. The recipe below makes each serving about 5oz.

There are a few special ingredients you’ll need to make these Jello fish bowls:

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  • 1. Add gelatin powder to a pitcher.
  • 2. Heat 1 cup of water in the microwave just until it comes to a boil (about 2 minutes).
  • 3. Carefully add hot water to gelatin mix and stir until dissolved. Then stir in 1 cup of very cold water. Put pitcher in fridge to cool down a bit while you prepare the glass bowls.
  • 4. Scoop 1/4 cup of Nerds into each glass.
  • 5. Next, gently pour the cooled gelatin mixture into each glass.
  • 6. Move glasses to the fridge (loosely cover if you want) and refrigerate for 90 minutes or until gelatin has set.
  • 7. Using a butter knife, cut two slits in the top of the gelatin, each near the edge on opposite sides of the glass. This is where you'll add your fish. Make each slit just long enough for one fish. Add a fish to each and press down as far as you want it to go "below the surface." If you mess up the top, don't worry! No ocean has a perfectly smooth surface.