• Swee Peach Smoothie with chia seeds

Sweet Peach Smoothie with Chia Seeds

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This sweet peach smoothie with (or without) chia seeds is simply one of my favorite go-to smoothie recipes.

Love peaches? You’ll love this smoothie.

Peaches are my all time favorite fruit. I love them fresh, frozen, in a pie, or in the sky! Channeling Dr. Seuss there. I even love their slightly fuzzy skin.

When it comes to smoothis, there’s not a lot going on in the texture department so that flavor really has to be on point. That’s why I like to pair my peaches with oranges. They are an excellent compliment because oranges pack a little more punch and brighten the peachy flavor a bit more.

Peaches and oranges are both naturally sweet. So do you need to sweeten this smoothie?

You don’t have to but I like to add just a touch of sweetness since these citrus fruits arequite tart. I use agave nectar or honey. I’d been opting for honey in most of  my smoothie-making adventures but was out one day so I subbed in some agave nectar I’d picked up as a freebie from our local Whole Food Co-op. Didn’t even know what I’d use it for but it was free so I wasn’t about to say no! Turns out, it’s perfect for smoothies. It sweetens the smoothie without over powering the flavor like sometimes honey can do.

Then the other day, I bought a bag of chia seeds. Because ya know, that’s the a cool foodie thing to do. Since I’m a food blogger I guess I should attempt to be up on these trends. I have been putting them in various things like homemade biscotti and now this smoothie was a natural fit. So if you’re feeling food adventurous, then drop some of these babies into the blender along with the rest of the ingredients. They are great for adding a little texture as well as some fiber to your diet.

This peach and orange smoothie is kid friendly

My kids love smoothies and we have them often for dinner on busy weeknights. Perfect for baseball season, or just any time you need a quick healthy snack or part of a meal on the go. All you need is a blender and a few ingredients that store well since you’ll want the peaches to be frozen.

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  • 1. Combine all ingredients and blend for about 3 minutes or until consistency is smooth. Serve immediately or freeze and thaw 10 minutes before serving.