• Browns Butterfinger Bundt Cake
  • Browns Butterfinger Bundt Cake
  • Browns Butterfinger Bundt Cake

Browns Butterfinger Bundt Cake

Note: Reprising this recipe from 2015 in anticipation of leftover Halloween candy everywhere! (The Browns remain underdogs, so nothing’s changed there!)

It’s football Sunday here and we are actually tuning in to watch the Browns. This is a big deal because living in the tri-state area, the Browns usually get the boot by the infamous Steelers or the Bills. Maybe since they won against the Ravens last week, the powers that be decided to put them on TV. I’m sure that’s not actually how that works but I wanted to just squeeze in there that the Browns actually won and that I knew they played the Ravens last week.

So, my hubby just swooped by like he does whenever I’m at the computer which is sweet but I have to shoe him away because I don’t like anyone reading my words until I’m all done! So he got away with reading the title of the post and of course he had a comment. “Browns Butterfinger cake?!” Ok, yeah I get it. That’s actually funny. If you’re a Browns fan or a fan of any other perpetually loosing team, then you get it.

So, yes. We are fans of an underdog but we love it and rally behind them anyway. I mainly enjoy our football watching days because it’s a chance to relax at home with the family and an excuse to sit for awhile. I am tempted to do some laundry though today as I watch because it’s ominously staring me down from the corner over there as I write this, not folding it.

So let’s talk a little about this cake. Butterfingers are my favorite. In crunch topping form — delish. On top of a buttery, moist vanilla cake with buttercream icing? Yes. I’ll indulge. This is super easy and does involve boxed cake mix because I happened to have some one hand. I really honestly love boxed cake mix. Is that such a sin? I think not. It’s an amazing invention perfect for a lazy family football day.

You will need a bundt cake pan for this recipe. I recommend the Original Bundt Cake pan which is the one I have. It’s very durable and non-stick which is KEY. I’ve tried the copper bundt pans and those are cute for hanging on your wall in an old school way, but please don’t try to bake in them! They are not non-stick and no amount of spray butter will make them non-stick, unfortunately.


  • 1. Beat together cake mix, eggs, butter, oil and food coloring for 2 minutes. (I used red+yellow food coloring to make orange for the Browns!)
  • 2. Grease and lightly flour your bundt pan. Pour cake batter in evenly.
  • 3. Bake at 325˚ for 50-55 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean. Let cool then gently flip onto a cake plate.
  • 4. Top with icing using an icing piper or put icing into a large ziplock bag with a tiny hole cut in the corner. Sprinkle with Butterfinger crumble topping.
  • 5.