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Greek “Pita” Boat

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Ever noticed the little tortilla boats in the Mexican food isle? Here’s something different to do with them! Make them into a Greek Pita boat!

From Mexico to Greece

When I first saw those tortilla boats, I just thought they were so cute. Had to buy them. However, not a fan of soft taco shells really. So… as you can see I mentally took a flight from Mexico to Greece and arrived at these Mediterranean-inspired Greek “pita” boats. Because, well, everything is better with hummus.

Also, Greece:

For the love of Greece

How can this place even be real? Someone please take me there ASAP. I need to see those blue domes up close and personal. And all the sun-bleached white painted concrete. And the colorful seaside houses. And the sailboats. And the crystal-blue water. Need, I say, need. You with me? We going? When? How? Ugh.

OK, well. I guess I’ll settle for these Greek pita boats. They are pretty delicious. I do have a pretty good imagination and I think enough money for this colorful hammock for now. Yeah, that’ll have to do. 😉

Want to get fancy?

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  • 1. Toast tortilla boats until light golden brown. Spread hummus all over the inside of the boat.
  • 2. Fill boats with mixture of cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives and onions (optional).
  • 3. Top with Greek dressing and enjoy a rich, delicious and healthy meal!