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Orange Candied Carrots

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These orange candied carrots are one of my favorite side dishes. They’re so easy to make using frozen crinkle cut carrots, a little butter and one of my favorite ingredients — orange marmalade.

“Candy Carrots”

This recipe is just three ingredients! How can that even make something delicious? Well, I’m telling ya. It’s good stuff. My kids call these “candy carrots” and like any good mother, I do not correct them.

How to make candied carrots

You start with either frozen or fresh, uncooked carrots and toss them with orange marmalade and butter. Heat everything up and the sweet marmalade melts together with the salty buttery to form a really delicious glaze. The glaze caramelizes and sticks to the outside of the carrots and creates a slightly crispy, slightly chewy, 100% delicious flavor that perfectly compliments the carrots.

An easy vegetable side dish

The candied carrots make an easy and tasty veggie side dish for weeknight dinners or for a holiday meal. The carrots really scream Easter to me but you could also enjoy them with a Thanksgiving, Christmas or any special meal.

Cooking can be fun

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I’m a big believer in turning chores into something fun by investing in your cookware. Be practical but also have fun with your tool. Get some fun colors. Mix and match. When you love using your tools, cooking starts to feel less liek work and something that’s more of a creative outlet.

Can you appreciate my love of orange marmalade?

Orange marmalade is so good in so many things! Check out some of my other favorite recipes using this favorite ingredient of mine:

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These orange candied carrots were featured on Sew It Cook It Craft It!

Orange Candied Carrots


  • 1. Melt butter over medium heat in a pan; stir in marmalade then carrots. For a more liquidy glaze, add water (optional).
  • 2. Cook uncovered for about 8-10 minutes; stirring occasionally. Carrots are ready when they start to caramelize and turn and light golden brown around the edges.