Spicy Coconut Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Spicy Coconut Roasted Red Pepper Soup

This coconut roasted red pepper soup is one of my favorite soups to make and eat. It comes out different every time I make, I guess because I don’t measure when I make this (rare for me!). The Thai-inspired, simple, spicy sweetness gives this soup a complex flavor with very few ingredients. This soup is amazing over rice or quinoa and/or some crusty bread — perfect for a crisp fall day.

I do know it’s not at all fall right now but I’ve been attempting to slim down my fat intake just in time for shorts and swimsuit weather. As much as I want spring to be here already, I’m thankful to have a few more weeks of healthy eating in order to prep for a wardrobe with a lot less coverage. My metabolism is not what it used to be at 34 and after two kids, so I’m really having to put forth more effort than any other year prior.

So anyone who might be in that same boat, check out this recipe. It’s very easy to throw together and you can cook it a couple of ways. You came simmer it for a few hours on low in your Crock-pot or make it on the stove top if you’ve got less time. One thing I tried when I made this today was using fresh grated ginger. And I finally learned the proper way to peel ginger — with a spoon! (Thank you YouTube) Using a spoon versus a peeler just shaves off the skin and doesn’t take any of the ginger with it. If you use fresh ginger, you don’t need much at all. I also used a dried jalapeño from our garden last summer. I have a small jar of dried jalapeños that I use just for soups or sauces. They work great because they have a chance to rehydrate in the soup or sauce. I usually throw in only a few seeds though otherwise it can get hot hot hot.Crock-Pot Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 6-Quart Slow Cooker, SCCPWM600-V1

Side note: Did you know there are wi-fi Crock-pots now? Has anyone tried one? I think the idea is pretty fun. Not sure how useful it would be but at times when I’ve left my Crock-pot on while I’m away, it would be handy to check on how things are cooking and adjust the temperature as needed.


  • 1. n your Crock-pot, add roasted red peppers (do not drain), onion, garlic, jalapeño, tomatoes (do not drain), coconut milk, sugar, salt, cayenne pepper, coriander, ginger and water. Cook on high for 30 minutes to meld flavors.
  • 2. Strain out solids by pouring soup through a strainer into a bowl to reserve the liquid. Take the remaining liquid and place it back in the Crock-pot. Scoop solids into a food processor or blender and pureé. Return pureéd ingredients to Crock-pot, stir to mix together with liquids then spoon into bowls and serve warm.