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Whipped Pumpkin Dip

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You’re going to love how easy this whipped pumpkin dip is to make. It’s a fun and easy after school snack or serve it as an appetizer at a fall get together.

This pumpkin fluff is made with Cool Whip and vanilla pudding.

And pumpkin puree of course. Can’t forget that. And a little pumpkin spice! Everyone knows pumpkin spice makes fall much more extra. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What does this whipped pumpkin dip taste like?

It’s creamy and delicious! And addicting! It’s not overly sweet, it’s got just the right amount of spice that is mellowed by the cool whip and pudding. It definitely has a subtle pumpkin flavor but it’s not quite as powerful as a pumpkin pie. However, if you love pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice lattes, chances are you’ll love this dip too.

This pumpkin dip is easy to whip up.

Watch this how-to video that shows what you need to do to make this recipe:


What do you serve with pumpkin dip?

Once you mix up the ingredients and transfer into a serving bowl, you just need to choose your favorite cookie to go with it.

I’ve tried this pumpkin dip with vanilla wafflers and graham crackers but I think you could serve this dip with granola bars, or any type of cookie that would go well with pumpkin.

Something pretty neutral or vanilla in flavor works best but I’ve also heard of serving pumpkin dip with ginger snaps. So if you’re feeling snappy… ๐Ÿ˜‰ then give that a try!

You could even offer an assortment of cookies and fruits to go with this dip and have a little taste test to see which is your favorite.

Make this dip into finger food for a party.

Another way to serve this dip is as finger food. Check out the sister post to this where I made little pumpkin fluff sandwiches using vanilla waffers and dipped in sprinkles. This works well if you are serving little kids who have a tendency to double dip, lol!

You could make the sandwiches in advance and then let kids choose the sprinkles they want to roll onto the edges so it becomes a fun activity. Lots of possibilities without a lot of effort. My kind of recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚

Get your fill of vitamin A!

Did you know pumpkin puree is actually pretty healthy for you? There is a hearty dose of vitamin A as well as vitamin C and even iron. One more reason to put pumpkin in everything while the season lasts.


I know it might seem a little over the top when people start putting pumpkin in everything, but the season is so short lived. There’s so much to love about fallโ€” the foliage, the squash, pumpkins, corn mazes, hay rides, boots, flannel shirt, cute costumes, etc. why not make the most of it while it’s here?

What’s your favorite fall tradition?

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This recipe for whipped pumpkin dip was featured on South Your Mouth and on the Ultimate List of Best Fall Recipes!


Whipped Pumpkin Dip


  • 1. Mix together pumpkin, vanilla pudding (just the powder) and spices.
  • 2. Fold in whipped cream and serve with your choice of cookie and/or apples to dip.