Heavenly Sour Cream & Chives Whipped Potatoes

Heavenly Sour Cream & Chives Whipped Potatoes

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I can remember exactly where my own love for whipped potatoes started. At a little strip mall buffet called Country Cooking in Culpeper, Virginia. It was my absolute favorite place to eat and my grandma use to take me there as a treat. The real treat looking back though, was getting to spend that precious one-on-one time with her. She would order sirloin steak and I would get the buffet. She let me fill up my bowl over and over again getting just as many helpings of their smooth, creamy whipped potatoes as I wanted. I could have saved room for dessert since they also offered an unlimited supply of soft-serve with toppings galore, but I choose mashed potatoes every time. Their homemade, just-right flavor and texture delighted my little taste buds.

My beautiful grandma with her big smile has since passed and I cherish all the memories we made together but particularly those times where we sat in our booth, smiling at each other while we enjoyed that country cooking. She passed away just about 20 years ago now but I still think of her every single time I eat whipped potatoes. Isn’t that a funny thing? I guess that’s why I love potatoes more than maybe a person should! Never the less, the are my favorite comfort in many ways.

Pink KitchenAid Hand MixerMy taste buds have changed slightly over the years and I like gravy on my whipped potatoes now. 🙂 I also like to mix up the flavor by adding some herbs. Probably my favorite way to eat my potatoes though is whipped, with sour cream and fresh-from-the-garden chives. To get that smooth, light and fluffy texture you will want to use a hand mixer. If you need one, check out all the fun colors of the KitchenAid hand mixers.


  • 1. Peel (optional) and cut potatoes into chunks for faster cook time.
  • 2. Boil in a large pot until soft all the way through, about 25-35 mins. Drain and return to pot.
  • 3. Add butter, milk then sour cream. Whip until smooth adding more milk if needed.
  • 4. Add salt, pepper and chives.